A unique aspect of Dr. Binner’s practice is his focus on a new and innovative way to treat prostate cancer called Focal Gland Ablation.

Michael Binner, MD

Michael Binner, MD, completed his medical degree at the University of South Florida in Tampa Florida and his specialized urology training at the University of Cincinnati.

Providing comprehensive urology expertise with a special interest in urologic oncology, Dr. Binner performs endoscopic minimally invasive kidney stone treatment, PCNL for large stones, as well as minimally invasive robotic surgery for kidney, ureter, and prostate cancers. He performs surgery for erectile dysfunction, male incontinence, vasectomy, and benign prostate surgery for enlarged prostate for men with lower urinary tract symptoms.

As a Florida native, Dr. Binner is glad to be back home and serving his community with cutting-edge urologic care.

“…for some patients prostate cancer can be selectively targeted and destroyed.”

Michael Binner, MD


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-Mary Aufderheide, Practice Administrator

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