Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Using Microwave Thermotherapy

Benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH, is sometimes called an enlarged prostate. While this condition is not dangerous, it can cause uncomfortable and embarrassing symptoms, such as urinary incontinence. Men who are experiencing these side effects of BPH often seek treatment.

At Naples Urology Associates, we use microwave thermotherapy to treat BPH. This treatment is a good choice because it does not cause impotence. This short procedure takes less than an hour and requires no general anesthesia. The doctor begins the procedure by inserting a catheter into the prostate through the urethra. Inside this catheter is a tiny antenna that will deliver microwaves to the prostate. The catheter is flooded with cool water during the procedure to protect the urethra from damage.

Once everything is in place, the doctor will cause the antenna to send microwave energy into the prostate. This heats and destroys portions of the prostate. Microwave thermotherapy does not cure BPH, but it does shrink the prostate enough to stop the symptoms of the condition.

After the Procedure

Patients may experience some discomfort after the procedure as the body heals. However, normal activities can be resumed soon after treatment. A catheter will be inserted to help the patient empty his bladder while the area heals. The BPH symptoms may not disappear immediately, as the body has to reabsorb the destroyed prostate tissue. This takes 6 to 12 weeks.

Side Effects of Treatment

Microwave treatment for BPH does not appear to cause incontinence or impotence. Sometimes patients will feel the need to urinate frequently for a few weeks after treatment. The area around the urethra often swells immediately after treatment. This can lead to soreness in the lower abdomen. Some patients experience pink discharge for a few days after the treatment. None of these side effects are dangerous, and most disappear without any further treatment.

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Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Using Microwave Thermotherapy